Easter Chocolate Cake

Easter is the perfect time to enjoy a spot of baking – whether it’s home-made hot cross buns, Creme Egg brownies or indeed an indulgent chocolate cake.

Feeling in the mood to bake, I set out to find the perfect idea. I was torn between making Easter cupcakes, carrot cake and frankly all the baking ideas on Pinterest! But then I discovered the Easter chocolate cake on BakingMad.com.




I’ve seen so many people bake a cake and then decorate it with a Kit-Kat fence and I really fancied having a go at this – and I must say, it was super easy and so much fun!

It’s definitely an indulgent chocolate cake and there we were in Tesco with a trolley full of Kit-Kats, bars of chocolate and mini Easter eggs feeling a tad guilty at the sheer amount of chocolate. But hey, it’s a special occasion right?!


I followed the recipe from the BakingMad.com website and it was a super easy one to follow. The only problem I had came to the filling as I didn’t know how long to leave it to chill and thicken – I left it over night and it seemed to thicken but not as much as I would have liked. The entire process was quite easy, if extremely messy – but then again when smothering a cake with melting chocolate, what else can you expect? I really enjoyed decorating the cake and hope it will be a real crowd-pleaser this Easter.


27th March 2016
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