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Since my last blog post, life has taken a few unexpected yet exciting paths.

As you may have noticed, blogging has taken a bit of a ‘back-seat’ over the past few months. My reasons for this are rather lame if I’m honest – I’ve either been too tired to write or have lacked the motivation to do so. In actual fact, I lost my passion and interest in blogging which has made me feel a deep sense of guilt. I guess when you have a full-time job, this can consume a large percentage of your life and it’s not always easy to find the time or even content to create an awesome blog post.

Despite making lists of blog post ideas, they have rarely been carried through. I have a number of sad and lonely posts sitting in my draft folder and for me, it is so frustrating not being able to get my thoughts together to press ‘publish’. I guess you could say, I’m beating myself up about blogging – metaphorically speaking, of course.

I think by stating this, I’m being honest with not only myself – but with you, my readers. I guess I’m also setting myself a promise to make the effort again and to feel the excitement and buzz I used to get from blogging.

I hope that Christmas will be the perfect time for me to get my blogging-act together. At the end of November, I made a list of December blog posts and it’s about time I actually start writing them. I think when life gets so busy, it is always important to continue a hobby or passion. From as far back as I can remember, I have always loved writing – whether they are short stories, articles or general lifestyle posts. Saying that, I am determined to find this passion again and I hope you will join me along this ride – back to blogging.

In other news, Christmas has well and truly immersed itself in and around Manchester. Unfortunately for me, my apartment is currently not looking particularly festive. A few weeks ago we ventured up to the city centre to watch the Christmas lights switch-on, which was such a great evening. A multitude of fireworks burst into the atmosphere, spraying colourful drops of fire and light against the otherwise clear, black sky. A whole variety of Christmas Markets have also opened in Manchester, which line the streets with amazing gift ideas, delicious food and more mulled wine cups than you can shake a Christmas tree at. Despite the incredible markets, I have yet to take my camera with me but I’m hoping to capture some of the festive magic for you soon.

I guess I should also announce the news that I have a new job. I say “new job”, but I have been in the post since October. I’m back working within the communications sector and it is a role which I am enjoying tremendously. I find each day challenging, but ever so exciting. I love being able to manage a variety of projects, release my creativity and passion for communications – which I did miss in my last job. Here’s hoping that over the next few months, I’ll be able to really grow into my role and make a difference.

Last week, we celebrated Mos Nicolae. After braving the crowds of the Christmas shoppers on Saturday, we frantically wrapped and exchanged gifts, before enjoying what felt like mountains of sugary treats. It’s a tradition which I have never really celebrated before and it felt so lovely to be able to enjoy doing so.

Later this week I will be continuing the festive fun by finally decorating my apartment. The tree is ready to be put up, but I’m on the hunt for even more decorations to make my place look and feel like a sparkly grotto. I also need to finish my Christmas shopping. Despite being rather organised with this (yes, I actually created a spreadsheet), there is so much left to buy. I honestly can’t wait to have all my decorations up and to enjoy a few glasses of mulled wine, whilst wrapping all my Christmas presents. If you haven’t already guessed, I love Christmas and I can’t wait to make this year’s extra special.

But as for now? Well, I am suffering from an incredibly annoying cold. I’m currently wrapped up with blankets amongst a fortress of pillows – listening to the rain patter on my window. I have also just dropped a bottle of Lucozade all over the floor and my laptop charger (I blame the medication) but, I do have a box of chocolates tucked comfortably next to me – rock and roll my friends, rock and roll.

So, on that note I think it’s time to wish you a good night and to hunt out a few of my favourite chocolates – it’s (almost) Christmas, after all.

10th December 2014
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    Welcome back! 🙂
    I’ve only just made our house festive, it’s extra things to do/find time for! I hope you manage to get your Christmas shopping done soon- I still need to wrap all mine/finish my christmas cards!
    Get well soon x

    10th December 2014 at 10:26 pm
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