Manchester Food and Drink Festival 2014

Last week we popped down to the Manchester Food and Drink Festival to enjoy the last of the summer sunshine and a whole load of delicious food and drinks.

St Albert’s Square was jam-packed with amazing food stalls which brought an eclectic taste of Europe, Far East Asia and beyond, to our little spot in the city.

DJs and bands played an awesome mix of music which got everyone shuffling and dancing around, from noon to night – of course, I couldn’t help but bust out a few of my own moves…!

We enjoyed a few beers and cocktails from the drinks tent, before indulging in the fine foods and smells of Fire & Slice Pizza, ViET SHACK and Bangers & Bacon.

Despite almost scorching my mouth off with a chili cocktail, I had such a fun time and left bursting with happiness – plus a rather tight waist-line!

Filmed and edited by Bogdan Niculescu.

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2nd October 2014
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