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For my final blog post of 2013, I want to end on a positive note and list some of my key memories and moments which help me to realise how flippin’ brilliant the past year has been.

There have been many highs where I’ve laughed and smiled so much with friends and family. But there have also been moments where I’ve felt challenged, depressed and hurt.

I started the year as a shy girl who barely spoke at work and kept myself tucked away. I now end the year as a confident chatterbox who has grown – unfortunately not in height.

Being Me

At the start of this year I moved back to Manchester and felt really alone. Despite living in the city for 3 years, it felt so different as a lot of my friends had moved away and I wasn’t living the student lifestyle anymore. I started to suffer from anxiety which then led to me feeling rather depressed. This wasn’t my usual self and so I booked an appointment with a councillor. It feels a little strange admitting that, but it did me the world of good – and it was amazing just having somebody to talk to who had a complete outside point of view. I learnt a lot from the sessions and felt like I had come on leaps and bounds, back to my smiley, outgoing and quirky self.

Friendships & Loves

I believe that you meet people for two reasons – as a blessing or a lesson.

I’ve been lucky enough to have randomly met some amazing new friends who are always there for me – with a shot of tuica! I haven’t laughed as much as I have done with them in so long and whether we chill with some tea and burnt cake or party until the early hours when I fall asleep on their sofa – I just love them.


Meeting up with old friends has also been such a blessing because no matter where we now live, we always seem to pick up from where we last left off.


After going through a rather difficult break-up earlier this year, I’m happy it happened. I think I was always a little anxious about being alone, but I learnt from the long-distance relationship which I experienced I was, in fact, alone. The months after breaking up were a bit like a roller coaster. But you know, after time spent being single I can appreciate exactly what love is and I am in fact ‘loving life’!

There are times when I feel like the only single girl – the majority of my friends are in serious relationships, some married and with children. But I feel that’s not for me at the moment – I like staying in my pyjamas at weekends, I like eating an entire jar of Nutella and not feeling worried about doing so, I like having the TV to myself and I love the freedom. I think after almost two years of putting someone else before my own needs, it’s time for me to give myself some TLC. Today I also read a great article (23 things to do instead of getting engaged at 23) and I’m happy to say, I’ve already begun crossing things off that list. Cheers to that!

New Year, New Job

This time last year I was getting ready to start my year long internship, now I’m getting ready to start my first graduate job.

It’s been an amazing year – I’ve learnt and grown so much at work. I started my internship feeling very nervous and quiet, which lead to it taking me a while to settle in. But I can now truly see how much I’ve developed thanks to my incredible work colleagues. I’ve been given so many cool opportunities and met lots of inspiring people for which I am so thankful for.

As I get ready to start my new job, I’m feeling apprehensive but very excited. Now it’s time to put on my new LBD and really give it all that I’ve got. Hopefully this time I’ll be able to keep my desk somewhat tidy!

Getting Active (Getting my Dancer Freak on)

After gaining a few extra and unwanted pounds, I began losing weight over a couple of months through Zumba, belly-dancing, bachata and running.

Earlier in the year I began belly-dancing classes with the lovely Samal. She was such an incredible teacher, always smiling and encouraging us with every hip drop. I met some lovely friends and we always had so much fun rehearsing our routine whenever and wherever we could. After our belly-dancing course, Samal left Manchester but looking back on the memories, I’m determined to rekindle my love for it in the New Year – watch out, Shakira!

I also started going to Zumba classes with my friend Silvia and we always had so much fun bouncing around to all the Latin songs – most notably, Mi Amor! The classes made me feel so happy and I would leave looking horrendously sweaty, but completely buzzing from all the energy and excitement. I’ll be restarting my Zumba classes as soon as possible as I need to shift all my Christmas weight!


I was fortunate enough to travel to Ireland, London and Romania this year. Each trip gave me some great memories from seeing Justin Timberlake to baking a cake with my Grandma in Romania.

I saw some breathtaking views in Ireland and met the most jolliest Irish man on the planet.


In London, I indeed saw probably the most handsome guy in the world – J.T. But I also enjoyed the sight-seeing of the big smoke and meeting up with the lovely Lily.


As I haven’t posted about my trip to Romania, I thought I’d share some of my favourite photos from my summer holiday – back to my half homeland…




I feel I’ve achieved quite a lot in 2013 – from beating my anxiety and losing weight to giving presentations to over 250 people and making a cookery show– it’s amazing how much you can do if you set your mind to it.

I am also so proud of seeing how my blog is developing and I class this as one of my biggest achievements. In 2012 my total views were 467, I now leave this year with over 7,000. I know the numbers aren’t big compared to other blogs – but I feel so proud and happy to see how my hard work and love for my blog has paid off. However it’s you – my lovely readers – who have made this all happen… so thank you so much for reading and your support.

Of course my family have been absolutely amazing – helping me through different situations, offering the best words of advice and having patience when I’ve been a little stressed. There are times when we all may ‘fly off the handle’ a little but words can’t describe how thankful I am to them. I just hope over the next year I’ll be able to continue making them proud and show how much they mean to me.

So as one year draws to a close, another will soon begin. Wishing you all a blessed, happy and successful New Year. It’s time to party!


31st December 2013
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