A Night at the Museum and Other Antics

Over the past week I’ve ended up on top of a sky-scraper roof, ate my weight in burgers and cupcakes, enjoyed a Night at the Museum and danced the night away (what’s new?!).

Manchester has once again seen a new influx of students and the buzz across the city is electrifying. Buses are packed like sardines, queues in Tesco are getting longer and my favourite sandwiches are like gold-dust in the canteen – but I love it even if there are a few grumbles along the way!

I’ve enjoyed more than my fair share of free pizza as Oxford Road has become paved like a yellow brick road with Domino’s menus. I also feel I’ve been able  to explore a new career as an interior designer after considering wallpapering my flat with promotional club flyers – a handy tip I learnt from my student days!

Aside from collecting such thrifty freebies, I have been capturing moments across Manchester and ended up seeing the city in a completely new light…

The view was incredible and even if the sun wasn’t beaming down on us,
we still had a great time being blown away (literally) by the city’s beauty….


(I’m a little too obsessed with my new favourite hat – can you tell?!)

Later that day, we went out for Silvia’s birthday dinner at a charming Spanish restaurant called Evuna. We squished into a taxi and set on for our journey to the restaurant which was handily located next to the Hilton hotel and only a short walk away from rum heaven (aka. Revolucion de Cuba).

I loved the restaurant as soon as I walked in. It was small and dimmed intimately with beautiful candles, but it didn’t feel like you were in a date-only zone.

Unfortunately as it was a ‘school’ night we were unable to enjoy a few cheeky cocktails but did indulge in all this…


The best sangria I’ve had in Manchester (the taste test is still a continuous thing)

Silvia and I chose the seafood paella which was packed with prawns, mussels, hake and squid…

… Before moving onto dessert – naturally of course!

Chocolate cake

Spanish cheesecake

Vanilla ce cream with P.X. sherry

And my crema Catalana – basically a crème brûlée!

I wasn’t overly excited about the dessert and feel the meal’s strength was definitely in the paella and sangria. I think next time I visit I’d explore the main meal options which included duck – but I’m also intrigued to try the tapas… perhaps around payday!

Now I should have probably warned you at the beginning of this post, the week included a lot and I mean a LOT of food. I’m actually dreading such decisions as I’m planning to wear a rather fitted dress this weekend…

But I guess I kind redeemed myself a little by visiting the Farmer’s Fair which had a whole host of healthy, cheap and wholesome food on offer…

Plus a few cute chickens!

The Farmer’s Fair had a diverse range of stalls from Jamaican pasties to ice cream sandwiches and a vegetarian BBQ.
I’m quite a fan of vegetarian food and decided to try the amazingly titled ‘Mushy Lushy Burger’.

This burger was jam packed with mushrooms, leeks and sundried tomatoes with a salad and tomato relish…
Let’s just say, the great name lived up to a brilliant burger!

For a girl with a pretty big sweet tooth, there was however only one stall which I was particularly excited about…

The cupcake stand!

The cupcakes were decorated beautifully and dazzled the tent with sprinkles of glitter.

I treated myself to a vanilla and chocolate cupcake and bought Adrianna her first ever cupcake.

Apparently these cupcakes are available in the Arndale Market at the Apple and Charlotte’s Patisserie stall…
Check them out and enjoy!


Now despite living in Manchester for four years, I’ve only ever been to the Manchester Museum once. So when the opportunity arose for me to assist with a Night at the Museum, I jumped at the chance.

The Night at the Museum event was part of the Manchester Welcome programme and included an impressive array of activities for students to enjoy. The event included a talk by Dr Phillip Manning as part of the Distinguished Lecture Series about dinosaurs, trace-metals and the origins of life.

I was hoping to sneak into the lecture, but got caught up with a pop-up workshop by the Whitworth Art Gallery and somehow ended up getting trained on Egyptian and Anglo-Saxon objects for the object-handling sessions…

I ended up getting a little bit arty and made my own print…

Not the greatest of art works… but it’s taken pride place on my wall in my apartment!

Granted, this is not how I would normally spend my Friday evening – but I honestly had such a great time. I found it all so interesting from carving my sketch with a nail to discovering more about ancient objects, all the while meeting some lovely people.  I would highly recommend visiting the Museum if you are in Manchester as you never know what you will discover!

As for the rest of the weekend, I enjoyed a long and (dare I say) well deserved lie-in on Saturday. Later in the afternoon I ventured up to town to buy myself a new lipstick and met up with my friend, Marian, for a rather random lunch at The Fruit Exchange.

Indonesian chicken noodle: Quite possibly the spiciest soup I’ve ever tasted!

All washed down with a ‘very berry’ smoothie…

And to follow the smoothie, obviously a fro-yo was the only way to go!

After a little wander around the city and requesting songs from street musicians we found ourselves amongst the crowd of a motorcycle competition.

The two motorcyclists were super impressive and leapt across their ramps through the Mancunion sky!

Before I knew it, it was time to go home and get ready for another lovely evening with my friends.
We went to our favourite salsa bar and enjoyed a selection of delicious cocktails whilst dancing the night away.

Same again this weekend?…

25th September 2013
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    Can’t believe you went to a Spanish restaurant and didn’t have Tapas…

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      Haha Dan! Next time tapas for sure… we can celebrate there when you’re back from your travels to Denmark. Or alternatively we can find a Danish place in Manchester if that tickles your tastebuds! 🙂

      25th September 2013 at 11:36 pm
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