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There’s a little corner in our bedroom which is home to some of my favourite beauty products. It’s a space which I am still trying to organise and one which can often be cluttered with balls of cotton wool, sprinkles of make-up along with too many receipts, pens and the occasional McDonalds Happy Meal toy!

But when it’s clutter-free, it becomes a space of indulgence and a place where I can relax and get ready. With this in mind, I thought I would share some of the top products on my dressing table.


A year or so ago, I was in Next and whilst browsing through their homeware section I spotted a soft-teal pot with a white heart on. I believe this was originally in the bathroom area of the shop, but I thought it would make a great pot to hold my make-up brushes.


My dressing table is from IKEA and features a cool storage aspect which opens up and reveals a mirror and organised sections – however, it can be quite difficult to organise! As a result I decided to make use of an old tower of mini drawers I bought a few years ago. It’s great to hide away things I may lose (think earrings!) or products I may not use on a daily basis. I keep my pot of make-up brushes on top, along with a mini bottle of perfume and a tiny box which holds some of my jewellery.

Ever since I started to use make-up, I’ve always used Clinique. I remember going with my Mum & Nana to the Clinique counters in Liverpool and being mesmerised by the endless shelves of green bottles, scent of the products and the rainbow shades of lipsticks. I find their products really help to keep my skin hydrated and cleansed. I’m a big fan of their anti-blemish range and use the clarifying lotion and moisturiser everyday as part of their 3-step routine. It soothes, moisturises and hydrates my skin, whilst helping to keep blemishes away.


I’ve dabbled with various foundations too but always found I had a breakout of spots or I just wasn’t colour-matched properly. As a result of this, I use my go-to foundation of Clinique’s ‘Even Better‘ range. It’s creamy and glides on my skin effortlessly. On top of my foundation, I use the blended face powder – it can get quite messy as it’s not a press-on powder, but it gives me a good coverage.


I love to collect eyeshadows, but find more often than not my palettes are always natural/brown shades! A while ago I bought the Urban Decay ‘Naked’ eyeshadow palette series (NK 1, 2 & 3) and I have to say – I simply love the different shades. They complement each other so well and there are some gorgeous natural tones, along with dark, charcoal shades. I also use the Clinique ‘Pretty Easy Eye’ palette for during the day as it has a great selection of natural shades without the shimmery base which the Naked palettes often have.


For Christmas, I received a Dior Addict lipstick (967, Gotha) – it’s a dark plum colour and I think it has such a deep, seasonal shade which is perfect for evenings. During the day, I wear my Clinique ‘Rose-Taffy’ lipstick. I’ve used this shade for years but have recently discovered they have discontinued it! It’s such an easy colour to wear and has a pretty coral pink tint with a golden shimmer which makes it that little bit more special. I need to hunt down a similar shade before it runs out!


A little while ago we received a parcel from Bogdan’s parents and along with some lovely gifts, I was treated to a range of skincare products from Gerovital. Incidentally they are from the ‘happiness’ range – rather fitting for my blog, hey! Each product smells amazing with hints of berries which will be perfect for spring and summer. The moisturising mask leaves my skin feeling so soft and it’s ideal for those evenings when I feel like pampering myself. The little orange bottle is a nourishing, moisturising cream which is full of nutrients and will help my skin feel hydrated. I also received a foaming gel cleanser which I am excited to try – it smells amazing too!


No dressing table is complete without a selection of perfumes. I don’t own too many, but I tend to keep to one for the day and another for the evening. For the daytime I use Miss Dior and it is absolutely perfect for me. It is such a fresh, fruity and elegant perfume which never fails to make me smile. I’ve used this perfume for a few years and it is without a doubt, my favourite. For the evenings I use Coco Noir by Chanel. It’s a complete contrast of Miss Dior as it has a strong, dark scent – I guess you could say, it’s almost like a lethal weapon of the perfume kind.



3rd April 2016
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