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This is a question I have been asking myself recently.

And to be honest, it’s a question I’m still trying to answer. I think it’s all too easy to create a blog, but the work to maintain, promote and improve it is a somewhat continuous and difficult path to pursue.

There are so many blogs nowadays which means providing original and thoughtful content can seem a little daunting. I know all too well about this and I must admit, I feel pretty disorganised with my blog. I know some bloggers who keep to their blogging schedule religiously and are so organised with it they deserve a medal. Me on the other hand, well a little app on my phone helps to keep all of my ideas locked up – the issue is with me releasing these ideas!

Thinking about it, the main reason why I blog is because I love writing – pretty obvious, huh?! I am certainly not the best and I probably wouldn’t pass a grammar test. But it’s something which gives me a thrill. I love the moments when I’m writing. I feel this electric energy running throughout my veins and when I press ‘publish’ I get these little shivers of excitement; there really is no other way to describe it.

My blog is a place where I can write about things I’m thinking and feeling. I do face a few challenges which I am working to overcome. Some of these challenges include knowing what content is suitable. I am a rather private person and I don’t share too many things on social media; this being a pretty ironic thing when I try to write a lifestyle blog!

I do like to write about a mixture of things as I love providing great content for you. Perhaps by sharing a tasty recipe, showcasing my high-street wish-list or visiting a new place and reviewing a great restaurant, to writing about an issue which has been on my mind, if this helps somebody in one way or another – I’m a happy blogger.

With so many possibilities and opportunities for bloggers who work hard and ultimately blog hard – the future of blogging does indeed seem bright. Whilst writing a blog can turn into lots of opportunities, I don’t believe this should be the sole reason for blogging. After all, it’s a long and tiresome path for these glamorous opportunities to arise and there is no easy, quick-route to them – indeed this ideal world of blogging may not even become a reality. That reality shouldn’t be somebody else’s. Those who blog are lucky enough to be sharing their own world, their own thoughts and lives – after all, we are all unique and there is certainly no fun in being somebody else. Perhaps the old saying “good things come to those who wait”, should change to “great things come to those who work hard and blog”.

After receiving some truly lovely comments this week, it made me reflect on why I blog. Yes some weeks I may feel like I produced an awesome blog post – other times, I kick myself for thinking about how much better it could have been. But that’s the great thing, having a blog can be such a learning curve – we just need to soak each experience up.

Who knows what the future may bring, but one thing for sure is that blogging is certainly turning into a real passion of mine. And I truly believe, we should always follow our passions. If you have a blog why not ask yourself the same question. It’s helped me to put things into perspective and I think a moment of reflection on what we do every so often, is always worthwhile. It helps to shape our next steps and we all need to show our magic, right?

9th August 2015
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