International women’s day

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To celebrate International Women’s Day, I feel it’s only right for me to talk about the most inspirational lady in my life – my Mum.

Mum, you are the most loving, dedicated and strongest woman I have and will ever meet. You have always been there to help me through the times when I’ve felt the world on my shoulders. You have always been there with the best advice for every situation. You have made me laugh until my stomach hurts and you have helped me to fight back the tears through my darkest of days.

You post the most hilarious Facebook statuses and you send me the funniest messages from the dog. You will be the first one busting your moves on the dance-floor when Robbie, Abba or Take That are playing. You are the one who nags me to make sure I haven’t spent too much money on clothes or make-up. And you are the one who will tell me when that dress doesn’t look right.

You have taught me so much from reading and writing, to knowing all of life’s little lessons. You will never know how much you inspire me. You show your dedication and commitment to everything and to everyone. You have always had so much courage – from overcoming challenges, to being the rock in our family when Dad got ill.

You stress at the thought of cooking and offer the finest dinner of “ham, green beans, jacket potato and coleslaw”. You have the biggest addiction to muller yoghurts, bananas and chocolate highlights. And you have made an incredible journey to becoming a healthier and happier person.

You always encourage me to push myself, my hobbies and my dreams and so, I dedicate this post to you – for everything you do and for everything you will continue to do. You are my best friend and you have been since before the moment I was born.

So, on this day when we celebrate strong, inspirational ladies – this one is for you, Mum.

Love you always.


8th March 2015
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