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I’m writing this post tucked up on my couch with a big cup of tea and blanket, listening to Michael Buble and the heavy rain.
Yes, I sound oh so very grown up… right?

Wrong! I’ll always be a big kid at heart – one who gets a little bit too excited at the prospect of cookies – a mild confession to the fact I ate an entire pack earlier (double choc-chip, please!).

And I guess if I was such a grown up I’d replace the tea for a bit of wine…

So my past week has literally been a non-stop one. I feel I’ve barely had the chance to relax and I’m taking full advantage of this tonight.

I feel like Autumn has officially hit Manchester – after returning home from work the evenings are already getting darker. Yesterday we experienced some beautiful moments of sunshine, but I have dug out my boots and super big, cosy jumper. I guess the only thing we are now waiting for is Starbucks to start serving us gingerbread lattes in those festive red cups!

My week started by seeing my lovely friend, Silvia, for a pretty big meal in Rusholme.

We were a little stuck on where to eat but ended up visiting Ariana. The menu offers so much from tempting cheeseburgers to exotic rice dishes. We both decided on chicken tikka kebabs and shared some naan and rice. I was so surprised with how delicious it tasted! The salad was fresh and the accompanying sauces of yoghurt and chilli helped to coat the chicken with even more flavour.

I would definitely visit again…
A new contender for my favourite places along the Curry Mile for sure!

Later on in the week my Mum came up to visit for some dinner and a look around the shops. We found some great hats in Marks and Spencer and my Mum was quite taken with one…

I think she might be trying to be one of Gatsby’s 1920 Girls!

To be honest, I was a little disappointed at a few of the shops and think this may be due to the change of style season. Everything seems a little ‘in-between’ at the moment and I can’t wait to see our stores full with big jumpers, boots and cosy accessories. However, saying this I ended up buying two pairs of high-heels in M&S one pair in caramel and the other black – which I think will be perfect for work. Plus the Florence Dress from Oasis which I’m planning to wear for work… but also for play!

After we had a little mooch around the shops, we were getting pretty hungry and so went to good old Kro Bar.

The handmade spring roll was really crispy and the hoisin sauce was sweet, yet a tad sour.

I’ll be honest and say usually I just LOVE the food and menu – but this time we were actually a little disappointed with the main meals. I chose the parmesan crusted plaice which was rather dry – I had to ask for a bit of tomato sauce! However once the sauce worked it’s magic… it was so tender and just fell to pieces.

My favourite course was the dessert… caramel apple pie with vanilla ice cream and a cup of tea.

I would have had triple the portion but guess I need to try to be good with a balanced diet…

As I mentioned earlier, things have been rather busy in Manchester and I worked for most of the weekend. New and returning students have started to arrive and there has been such an exciting atmosphere and buzz around the city. I’ve felt a little green-eyed seeing everyone start their university experience – but I feel very happy for them nevertheless.

I’ve had to make a few presentations for new students about living in Manchester. I started the week feeling petrified about standing in front of a large group of people to ending it with a big round of applause – I honestly had such a great time and would do it all over again!


“Manchester… A city that thinks a table is for dancing on” (Mark Radcliffe)

Check out this song which has had me dancing every single day since I first heard it – Thank you Natalie!

Marianna Instagram
One thing is for sure, Manchester certainly has me smiling…

Hope you like my new hat – I think I’m going to need it in this weather!

15th September 2013
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