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Last week I blogged about the glitz and glamour of a Gatsby party. This week, I’m going to share with you my own dinner party in my little Mancunion apartment which featured tasty food, questionable belly dancing and one too many drinks with my wonderful friends…

… Unfortunately Leonardo was busy at a film festival so I had to take the lead as hostess.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to a (mini) Party at Marianna’s…

Party at Marianna's

After a busy afternoon shopping and going for a Starbucks with my friend, Gemma, I headed back to my apartment ready to get the dinner prepared.

As I always seem to leave most things to the last minute there was a frantic rush to get everything ready – mainly due to me dancing and singing around. Silvia dropped by to help me prepare the dinner but before we knew it, it was time… everyone arrived and so party time began!

…Or at least it was until the football game started again!

Party at Marianna's

While the boys were busy watching the game, we kept ourselves occupied in the kitchen and made my favourite cocktail: Mojitos!

Adrianna crushed the mint, squeezed the lime, added the sugar and poured the Bacardi mix over the ice…

Party at Marianna's

If only we were enjoying them on a beach!

Bacardi Mojitos

Party at Marianna's

Celebrating summer a too little early…

Romanian palinca

Party at Marianna's

Once the game was over, it was time to huddle around the table with topped up glasses of Cosmin’s homemade wine ready to eat. For starters I served an Italian-style antipasti feast with a selection of salami, prosciutto, marinated olives, sweet peppers, mozzarella wedges, dressed with parmesan shavings, tomatoes, basil and crusty olive oil bread.

Italian antipasti

I could quite happily live off this dish forever

Party at Marianna's

After the starter we sipped a few more glasses of wine and then the apartment was filled with every possible type of music you could ever imagine; from Spanish, to Romanian, Green Day and then Brazilian…

Party at Marianna's
Party at Marianna's

Party at Marianna's
Party at Marianna's
Once we had danced until our feet hurt it was time for the main course. I cooked Jamie Oliver’s simple baked lasagne with a big, leafy salad. I’ll be honest and say I didn’t stick entirely to his recipe – I didn’t have 2 hours to marinate the meat… plus I left out a few of the ingredients such as anchovies and butternut squash. Nevertheless, the meat and vegetables plus the rich tomato and wine sauce really tasted great – not to mention the extra few cloves of garlic… “Whaaaat?! We’re Romanian!”

Jamie Oliver lasagne

For dessert, I made the most deadliest dessert you will ever taste – Nigella’s Nutella cheesecake.

Nutella cheesecake
Granted, it may not be the prettiest of puddings, but it was so rich and smooth, it just oozed deliciousness. I served the cheesecake alongside some refreshing frozen grapes and a selection of Green & Black’s milk and dark chocolate.

Frozen grapes
Party at Marianna's

We danced, laughed and sang until the early hours before it was time to call it a night…

Party at Marianna's

I had such a great evening and was ever so pleased with how the food turned out. I was honestly expecting the main course to go disastrously wrong and for me to make my way to the local takeout for some pizza (keeping up with the Italian theme of course!).

By the end of the night my feet were not only hurting, but my cheeks were as I don’t think I stopped smiling! It’s my birthday next week and I think we certainly got into the party spirit!

As some of you may remember, part of my 5 year plan was to host more dinner parties. Well, this was my first one and I am so happy to have made a start with it.

Surely that deserves a cheers/noroc?!

Party at Marianna's
Thank you guys, you are all amazing! x

27th May 2013
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